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Commercial Roofing Options

LAST UPDATED: June 16, 2018 We have seen a jump in commercial roofing activity since 2010 since the economy has rebounded. Especially here in Texas. Our residential business as always been very consistent with our referral business, but I’m happy to report the influx of new commercial work. If you are wanting to find out…

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Texas Roof Repair And Insurance Coverage

LAST UPDATED: June 16, 2018 Texas is in the unique geographical position of having its weather patterns created by colliding tropical and continental air masses. This sets us up for some nasty and extreme weather situations. The costliest hail storm on record happened in Texas back on May 5th 1995. And most recently, both hurricanes…

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Roofing Contractors Not Doing It, But Homeowners Are Basing Their Decision On It.

LAST UPDATED: June 16, 2018 The vast majority of homeowners that responded to the Roofing Contractor Homeowners Survey conducted by an industry publication called Roofing Contractor, wanted a contractor that had a plan and showed them the plan. The contractor they hired discussed the significance of high quality workmanship and their preparation for guaranteeing a…

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How To Find A Great Roofer You Can Trust

LAST UPDATED: June 16, 2018 Whether or not the project gets off the ground usually comes down to the difficulty in the “do-it-yourself” projects and the costs to hire a contractor. Unless you have a dozen buckets catching water throughout your house, fixing your roof has probably lingered longer than it should. And fixing a leaky roof is…

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