Is Hiring A Home Inspector A Good Use Of My Money?

Most homeowners are not thinking of major home repair costs until one of two things happen. They’ve decided to sell and are ready to put their home on the market or something stops working. Like the heater going out, or no AC in the summer time can be a drag. Or you find that the bucket in the middle of the living room catching water has become a permanent fixture.

With the average home inspection costing about $300 or more, it can be a sure fire way to get a professional out to give a report on the condition of your house and the systems that keep you comfortable both in the summer and the winter.

This is not a bad way to go even if you are not considering selling your home. Think of it like getting a physical exam for your house. Here is an example of what I’m saying.

How Home Inspections Can Save And Make You Money

ABC Action News. By James Tully

Catching minor problems before they become major problems can save you big time when you’re ready to sell, just ask home inspector Danny Logue.

“For every $100 in deficiencies found in inspection, buyers want a thousand dollars in compensation,” Logue said.

He says water is the biggest concern so check for water stains on your ceiling.

“Once you see it on your ceiling there’s a good chance there’s damage to the roof,” said Logue.

Fixing a damaged roof, that’s several hundred dollars. Wait too long, and you or the future buyer will want the roof replaced for thousands out of your pocket.

Inspectors will find things you never look for, like leaky appliances.

“And now the only remedy for this is total replacement of the cabinets,” Logue said, pointing at extensive water damage.

They will also check how well appliances are running, like your air conditioner. Changing the filters monthly can extend its life, and improve efficiency. Both look good to potential buyers.

All roof contractors, and we’re among them, will offer free roof inspections. What other roof contractors will not do is a home efficiency audit. We’re the only ones that I know of that treat your home as a system. And that starts with the roof.

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