Three Great Options To Pay For A New Roof That Doesn’t Involve Insurance

Dealing with any home repairs, let along a leaking roof, can be stressful and costly. The cost to fix your roof can be daunting. Most homeowners do not know their options to manage a roof repair.

You may be thinking insurance can cover it. But most policies will not cover normal wear and tear. So if your roof is old and there were no hail storms in your immediate past, then you’re having to cover the roof expense another way.

One popular way to pay for your new roof is credit. For example, we at A1 Local Roofing will offer terms from a third party finance company that allows payment over time.

There are also little know programs through the federal government. Last checked there are a few options that are income based for you to qualify for grants or loans. Now, we do not offer assistance in your pursuit of these grants. But what I can do is introduce you to these programs, and you can check these out yourself and see if you qualify!

Weatherization Assistance Program

Eligibility: Low-income families, including families with members who have disabilities, low-income families with children, and senior citizens.

Since 1976, the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) has led the nation in advancing technology, research, and applied scientific practices to make homes energy efficient, cost-effective, and safe for low-income residents. The installed measures deliver substantial energy reductions and energy-cost savings for families, and the program has moved the entire home performance industry forward.

The Weatherization Assistance Program: 40 Years of Improving Homes and Lives

Single Family Housing Repair Loans

Eligibility: Very-low-income families who earn less than 50% of the median income, or low-income individuals who are 62 years or older.

Also known as the Section 504 Home Repair program, this provides loans to very-low-income homeowners to repair, improve or modernize their homes or grants to elderly very-low-income homeowners to remove health and safety hazards.


Helping people stay in their own home and keep it in good repair helps families and their communities. Homeownership helps families and individuals build savings over time. It strengthens communities and helps many kinds of businesses that support the local economy.

The Housing Preservation Grant

Eligibility: Very-low-income and low-income organizations, including most state and local governments, tribal communities, and nonprofits.

USDA Rural Development helps you make expensive repairs, accessibility improvements, and energy efficiency changes to your small town home. We provide loans of up to $20,000 to individuals and families who have very-low-incomes. For eligible folks age 62 and older, we can provide an additional grant of up to $7500 to make these same essential changes to your home. To find out if you qualify contact your local USDA RD office or visit our eligibility website today!

USDA Helps You Make Home Repairs


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