Roofing Contractors Not Doing It, But Homeowners Are Basing Their Decision On It.

LAST UPDATED: June 16, 2018

The vast majority of homeowners that responded to the Roofing Contractor Homeowners Survey conducted by an industry publication called Roofing Contractor, wanted a contractor that had a plan and showed them the plan.

The contractor they hired discussed the significance of high quality workmanship and their preparation for guaranteeing a top quality installment. A whopping 92% indicated they hired a contractor that discussed this with them before moving ahead.

But less than half of the homeowners felt the typical contractor took the time to review with them details about product options, quality workmanship and the project plans to meet their goals for roof repair.

This was a vital component for property owners, looking for a top notch roofing contractor to repair a leaky roof or install a whole new roof.

Exclusive Consumer Research Shines a Light on Roofing Contractors

At the end of the day, every roofing contractor’s goal is to end up with a quality roof installation and a satisfied customer. On a residential project, once the final nail has been driven and the last piece of packaging has been picked up, a final inspection can ensure that the job has been done right. But who really knows what customers are thinking?

Getting insight on the consumer’s perspective was the driving force behind the creation of the Roofing Contractor Homeowners Survey. The survey was designed to determine how homeowners found contractors and how satisfied they were with the performance of the contractor who landed the job. Another goal was to identify the key drivers behind the decision to choose one contractor over another.

We first launched the survey in 2002 and conducted it again in 2006. The results of those research studies were analyzed in articles in the February 2003 and March 2007 issues of Roofing Contractor. The world has changed quite a bit since then, and we decided to conduct an updated version of the survey in late 2012 to get a snapshot of the market and gauge homeowner perceptions.

The distinctions in product choices and choices readily available was another important component for homeowners to consider, however much less than half of respondents really felt the typical roofer made the effort to review this subject.

Eighty-six percent of respondents showed the contractors they hired aided them in understanding the different item selections.

They were much more most likely to go over in detail underlayments, flashings as well as attic ventilation. Unlike the vast majority of the roofing contractors the homeowners interviewed. The contractor that got the work was likewise much more likely to share roof dimensions as well as service warranty details.



That’s why A1 Local Roofing uses a unique 12 Point System when evaluating a homeowners needs. Our contractors take into account many factors when it comes to choosing a solution that best fits the needs of the consumer.

For example, one area often overlooked is using photos of the homeowner’s actual roof to document its condition. This is part of our full transparency when you hire A1 Local Roofing.

A1 Local Roofing walks the prospects through the entire re-roof process, and never uses roofing jargon, using only laymen’s terms so you the homeowner can better understand the process. We never assume you are crystal clear, until you confirm that you are.

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