Why Choose A Metal Roof

The majority of the work we do is the traditional shingle. But we get asked on many different occasions to explain the metal roof. Folks want to know if there is a difference and why someone may choose a metal roof versus the traditional shingle.

Our work takes us to all types of jobs. We talk with residents that need a simple leaking roof repair or call us for a full roof replacement and need a reliable Austin roofing company.

So if you have been needing some repair work or have been thinking about replacing the entire roof, here are some things to consider if you’ve wondered about metal.

Other than metal having a nice look, there are some things to consider other than ascetics. The metal is actually lighter than a shingle, therefore there is less of a load on the house. This will have more long-term consequences. Folks also like the fact that it is less expensive than going with other alternatives, such as slate or clay tiles, as well.


It’s versatile enough to use on either a steep or flatter roof and has fewer joints. Having fewer joints makes for fewer issues down the road relating to weather seepage.
















  1. Lightweight yet strong
  2. Less expensive than slate or clay
  3. Applied on either steep or flatter roofs as well
  4. Non-Combustible
  5. Sheds snow and ice easily
  6. Usually fewer joints than other materials



  1. Metal rusts
  2. Expands and contracts
  3. Some metals like zinc and aluminum can be expensive
You can always find out more about installing and the maintenance of metal roofs on our website:

The Ultimate Guide To Metal Roofs



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